Hyperloop Alpha | Images of Proposed Route

The Proposed Route Would Travel Up the Grapevine, Follow Interstate 5 Then Drop Into San Francisco


#FifthModeofTransportation System Proposed Route Follows Interstate 5

Where Does the #Hyperloop System Proposed Route Follow Interstate 5?

#Hyperloop System Grapevine Portion of Route

I Was #Hyperloopin’ Up Grapevine Hill …..











#Hyperloop System, The #FifthModeofTransportation I5 Portion of Route

Hyperloop System I-5 Portion of Route



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Developers of the Hyperloop plan to save time and money by utilizing existing right-of-way easements along I-5 and other existing routes.

No worries about passin’ cars like they was standin’ still. Going up Grapevine Hill was never this easy, just buy a ticket for your Pod on the #Hyperloop.

Figures above taken from the open-source pdf at Teslamotors.com.