Hyperloop | Tubes and Pods

In Laymen’s Terms the Hyperloop Concept is Just a Network of Tubes and Pods

Fifth Mode of Transportation Axial Flow Compressor

Hmm… We’ll Just Attach This to the Front of Elon’s People Pod….Then When He Presses the “Turbo” Button … Nyuk, Nyuk

… and solar cells, pylons, batteries, axial-flow compressors, intercoolers, steam, water, air bearings, electric motors, power electronics, linear motors, reinforced concrete, turntables, TSA, rail guns and air hockey.

What, you’ve never heard of this stuff before? Some of these things may sound esoteric, but many have been around since the dawn of the Locomotive Age. Batteries – ancient technology with a space-age twist. Got a car with a turbo? Bet it’s got an intercooler. Air bearings? Air Hockey. Linear motors? Call the DoD. Turntables? In use with locomotives since roundhouses. Power electronics? Industrial VFDs are commnoly available and I’ll bet Tesla Motors just might have a leg up on electric drivetrains. Axial-flow compressors? Ever heard of a jet engine?

So the biggest challenge with the Fifth Mode of Transportation may not be technology – a lot of the technology involved is off-the-shelf. Just a matter of putting it together in a logical manner – otherwise known as engineering. Of course the proposed route of Hyperloop may present engineering challenges in the form of harsh environments, but Man has always forged ahead in the past – the transcontinental railroad, the Apollo missions, nuclear subs and even the Pony Express were called into being when required.

While these things may SOUND like something from Buck Rogers’ dreams, the Hyperloop may be less complicated … than the Internet.




Photo from NASA website